Samsung Galaxy Note Stories March 16

There have been rumors swirling that Samsung would skip its usual Galaxy Note launch this year, but the speculated reason was always the growing foldable portfolio. Now, a Samsung executive has said that the Galaxy Note series may not see a 2021 release due to the ongoing chip shortage.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Stories September 12, 2017

Samsung is no stranger to experimenting with new technology, but one thing the company has been tinkering in for quite some time has been a foldable smartphone. The tech has been under development for years, but now the company is saying it will be finally ready to bring it to market next year.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Stories March 3, 2016

It is no secret that Samsung has stepped up its camera game significantly in the past few years. Particularly, starting with the Galaxy Note 4 at the end of 2014, the high-end devices of the South Korean giant have started to truly impress reviewers and customers alike, further cementing this perception with the strong performances delivered by the Galaxy S6 family as well as the latest iteration of the Notes.

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Samsung Galaxy Note Stories September 24, 2015


Samsung has announced that its mobile wallet service Samsung Pay has been used for more than $30M worth of transactions in its first month in the company’s home market of Korea. The company says that the number “has been beyond our expectations.”

Samsung devices are hugely popular within Korea, and the WSJ notes that the “launch was boosted by a massive advertising campaign,” so this doesn’t necessarily suggest that it will see achieve similar take-up in the U.S. when it launches on Monday – especially given the limited number of Samsung devices that support it …  expand full story

Samsung Galaxy Note Stories September 9, 2015


In one of the most ambiguous rebuttals of recent memory, Samsung has denied reports claiming it is looking to reduce its workforce by 10%. It’s not reducing its workforce, it says, but “relocating” them. One of Samsung’s high-ranking officials spoke to Yonhap News, claiming that it will “only be relocating workers”, denying rumors that it was looking to move on 10 percent of its management staff in sales and PR. What it didn’t say was what “relocating” actually means, leaving us speculating a number of possible translations for the phrase…

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In a blog post this morning, Samsung has announced that it is mass producing the world’s first 12gigabit (not to be confused with gigabyte/GB) LPDDR4 mobile RAM. It’s based on the company’s impressive 20-nanometer process tech and will enable the company to make higher capacity, faster, more powerful chips that fit into the same space as the current crop of flagship RAM modules… expand full story

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