Google is currently split-testing a new Google homepage layout. The redesign is not drastically different to tradition, but Google seems to be testing a different look for its persistent top-bar. As shown, the black strip as well as most of the shortcuts to other Google properties have been removed. In this version, the only shortcuts in the top navigation are links to Google+, Gmail and Google Images.

Notably, this design uses the flatter logo previously seen in the new Chrome for Android beta. At the time, The Verge said a source refuted claims that this is a new logo, saying that the flatter look was only meant for places where the traditional logo would not display well, such as when printed onto banners. However, this homepage redesign shows that Google is at least considering to use this new logo as their main branding in the future.

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10 Responses to “Google testing new homepage design, shows off flatter logo, removes black bar”

  1. Google removed exactly what was useful. Great job, idiots!

    Instead, they are shoving the despicable Google+ down the users’ throats–whether they want it or not. And this is not a matter of taste; it is an intentional deliberate and concerted policy which so many users hate.

    Thank you very much, Google for all your great achievements!

  2. How the hell can I get back my damn black bar?? Why is google trying to add more steps to what I want to view…… Bring back the black bar you geeks!!

  3. Jim Woodbury says:

    RETURN THE BLACK BAR! I can’t tell you how often I jump straight to maps, news, g-mail, or images from the opening page. Many times a day!

  4. Glenn Geller says:

    I miss the black bar, so I sort of recreated it here:


  5. Removing the black bar is stupid and aggrivating

  6. Pages Sitez says:

    I want the black bar back, it was useful. google search page sucks now.

  7. Google SA – is already with the new design.

  8. Franco Borgo says:

    Flatter Design. Where did I hear that before ?

  9. I don’t like it at all!
    The black navigation bar serves a good purpose.
    The flat logo looks cheap — the current logo has better colors and looks classy!
    What gives?! Why mess with it Google???