Following Samsung’s announcement of the Galaxy Round, the world’s first curved-display smartphone, Engadget has discovered a few renders of LG’s upcoming entry to the curved smartphone arena. The phone, called the G Flex, will feature a top-to-bottom curved display—the opposite of the Galaxy Round, which left-to-right. Reports earlier this month stated that the oddly-shaped display will be a massive six inches.

Nothing more is known about the phone at the moment, but it is said to be expected some time next month. More renders are included below.


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3 Responses to “Leaked renders reveal LG’s upcoming G Flex curved-glass smartphone”

  1. This thing will fit beautifully in your pocket. Why would you want a nice flat shape in your pocket when you can have a curved C-shaped object in your pants poking out of your pocket? Small price to pay for innovation, the fools will just have to accept that everyone will now look like they have bananas in their pockets. Or rather, perhaps everyone will seem excited? Hell, the thought of “curved display” surely sends boners all around the world.

  2. latinoboyboy says:

    This looks like that old Nexus handset, but that one only had curved glass, not a curved display. I think this will make it ergonomic and comfortable on the face when talking. That Samsung phone with the curved display looks weird, but looks comfortable for putting in pants pockets. I love how the LG one looks though. Maybe this is just a gimmick? Won’t this affect the quality of viewing media like videos, reading text or gaming? Hmmm…