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AnyPixel.js from Google allows web developers to build giant interactive displays [Video]

AnyPixel.js is great example of a Google experiment becoming an actual product. The open source software and hardware library — available on GitHub — allows anyone to use the web to build “big, unusual, interactive displays” with any component.

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Some early Nexus 5X adopters complaining of ‘yellow’ screens

The latest Nexus phones haven’t been out long, and yet it seems they’ve already caused the tiniest bit of controversy. A handful of early Nexus 5X adopters have been commenting for a few days on a growing Reddit thread, and it seems some units are arriving with a slightly warmer display. A number of commenters uploaded pictures comparing the white tones (which seem yellow) against other smartphones. The one that caught our eye, however, was user graffixnyc who uploaded pictures of a Nexus 5X side-by-side with another Nexus 5X.

What’s interesting here is that you’d expect the color gamut to be exactly the same on both phones, since it’s the same device. However, the Carbon (black) model’s screen was noticeably different to the Quartz (white) one.

It’s unclear as of right now exactly what the issue might be. One seemingly obvious explanation is that it has something to do with the curing process. We’ve seen it with other phone screens in the past, where the glue isn’t dried well enough under the glass, and so gives of a yellow-ish hue. Another explanation, perhaps, is that the different models have screens made by different manufacturers, or are produced slightly differently. There’s also a chance that this is a genuine fault, and if so, Google will need to deal with it.

There are a couple of commenters who spoke to Google reps who agreed to send replacements. Others were told that the 5X does have a ‘more yellow’ screen than previous Nexus phones, and that it’s not a fault, it’s just a slightly different color temperature.

Whatever the problem or solution may be, we’ve heard from someone with knowledge of the matter that Google is actively looking in to it. Let’s hope ‘looking in to it’ leads to a solution being found and Google making a statement of some kind in the near future.

display Stories May 12, 2015


According to market research firm DisplaySearch, LG Display—the sole company currently making displays for the Apple Watch—brought in over $186 million during the first quarter of 2015, a number more than 90% of the overall market estimated to be worth a total of $240 million (via Business Korea). Other players in the market have tiny shares in comparison, with Samsung Display in second place with a 3.1% share, followed by Japan Display at 2.1%…

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display Stories April 2, 2015


LG’s upcoming G4 flagship isn’t set to be unveiled until later this month, but the company this evening has announced one feature of the upcoming device. In a press release, LG Display unveiled a new 5.5-inch QHD LCD panel. LG claims that it has achieved a “quantum jump” in color gamut and brightness with this display, while also and perhaps more importantly, reducing power consumption. The display is also much thinner than any display before, according to LG.

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display Stories February 19, 2015

Pebble Smartwatch | Smartwatch for iPhone & Android 2015-02-19 12-39-54

Pebble hasn’t introduced new hardware (besides some pretty new colors) since it launched the Pebble Steel in January of last year, but now it appears that the company is about to introduce what’s next in the pipeline. Rather than just iterating on the device’s current hardware with a black-and-white epaper display, we’re hearing the next Pebble might be getting a brand new color display and an overall design that’s a bit thinner…

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display Stories November 18, 2014

Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung's Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung’s Galaxy Note Edge

Samsung continues to be the world’s largest smartphone maker by a sizeable margin, but the South Korean electronics maker recently reported a massive 74% drop in mobile profits in the third quarter due to declining Galaxy sales and increasing competition from Apple and Chinese rivals Xiaomi and Lenovo.

In an effort to cut costs and combat declining profits, it was reported last night that Samsung will sell up to 30% fewer smartphone models next year. But that doesn’t appear to be the only move up Samsung’s sleeve, as ZDNet reports that the tech giant is also gearing up to launch a smartphone with a flexible and foldable display by the end of the year. expand full story

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