Microsoft’s continued attempts to make itself look like the good guy against Google continue with a microsite called

In a blatant attempt to liken Google’s automated scanning of email keywords to generate targeted advertising to the NSA scandal, Microsoft refers to it as an ‘invasion of your privacy.’

Google goes through every Gmail that’s sent or received, looking for keywords so they can target Gmail users with paid ads. And there’s no way to opt out of this invasion of your privacy.

Microsoft has reportedly spent a seven-figure sum on its Scroogled campaign. Perhaps if it had invested a bit more cash on modernizing its offerings a few years ago, it wouldn’t need to be spending so much on this embarrassing nonsense today …

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2 Responses to “Microsoft’s sleazy “Scroogled” campaign continues with “email privacy” microsite”

  1. Kim Dotcom says:

    john key scroogled new zealand!!

  2. Microsoft = real evil, just facts:

    Microsoft’s dirty game – rough harassment of the independent journalist trying to uncover the real Windows world!

    Do you know how does Microsoft earn money? Through a bribery in Slovakia, Czech republic, Hungary, ….. How much money does Microsoft have in governments’ contracts all around the world??
    Microsoft bribery probe enters Russia, Pakistan.
    And some another corruption and bribing.
    Again another bribing in Italy, Romania, China.

    Because of corruption in Slovakia (by Microsoft) you can not pay taxes without Windows!

    Skype with care – Microsoft is reading everything you write.

    And this is GREAT! example how Microsoft lies lies lies to push Windows in every government (Munich, Germany).
    And here is the response of Munich proving Microsoft is just a liar and briber. Beautiful example how Microsoft is taking control over governments…..fortunately unsuccessful in this particular case.

    BEWARE OF Microsoft! trying to bribe US officials to go after Google because Microsoft is not able to compete anymore: “Supposedly Penn has been going around Washington trying to recruit consultants, telling them that Microsoft has armed him with a 50 million budget to go after Google.”

    Greedy Microsoft – Because of the trust Apple+Microsoft+Adobe you have to pay more for IT in Australia!!

    Microsoft earns probably more money from Android with blackmailing Android producers through ridiculous patents than from his mobile operating system Windows Phone.

    Microsoft bribes Best Buy staff to slam Mac and Linux.