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Samsung has updated its blog with what appear to be nine new-look icons, each with a superscript 5 hinting at the possibility of an earlier-than-expected first look at the Galaxy S5 at the company’s Unpacked event at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona on 24th February. Samsung had previously suggested that the S5 would be launched “by April.”

It’s possible that Samsung could officially announce the Galaxy S5 on the 24th but not make it available for sale until April … 

Earlier leaked screenshots suggests that Samsung’s TouchWiz user-interface will have a much sleeker, Google Now type look. It’s understood that Samsung and Google have had discussions about reducing the amount of overlay Samsung places on top of Android in future handsets.

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One Response to “Samsung teases new-look TouchWiz, hints at possible first look at Galaxy S5 this month”

  1. bjtechnews says:

    I’m excited that Samsung is announcing their new phone in the beginning of the new year. Best time to do it. It would be cool if they upgrade there HTC devices as well.