Following various leaks and rumors, BGR has obtained a photo of Amazon’s upcoming smartphone. While the device itself is still a month or more away from being officially unveiled, the above image is the first to show off the device without a protective case obscuring the design.

The device itself is similar in appearance to the Nexus 4, which received praise for its understated design. As Amazon’s phone will likely compete on price, it isn’t a surprise that its materials will shy away from the flashy metallic materials of devices like the iPhone or the HTC One M8.

Not much is known about the upcoming Amazon phone. The software is likely to be very similar to that of the Kindle Fire tablets, and will therefore focus on pushing Amazon’s music, video, and other cloud services. The price is likely to be very low, as Amazon tends to sell their hardware at cost in order to get it (and its services) into the hands of more consumers. Rumors have pegged the specs as being a 720p display with a quad-core SnapDragon processor, along with 2 GB of RAM — in other words, the device shouldn’t have a problem with lag.

The inclusion of an exclusive AT&T-backed data plan is also supposedly a selling point of this device. Currently dubbed “Prime Data,” the plan may offer a separate bucket of data for Amazon video and music services for users to listen to and view on the go. This in itself is a controversial proposition.

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One Response to “Amazon’s upcoming smartphone revealed in photo, reportedly coming in June”

  1. Looks sick! Awesome work Jonathan!