Amazon Stories August 5

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Blu phones are back on Amazon following a ‘false alarm’

At the beginning of last week, Amazon removed Blu smartphones from its website following the finding of a “potential security issue.” However, after a little less than a week since this announcement was made, all appears to be well once again.

Amazon Stories July 21

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You will soon be able to use Alexa within the Amazon app on Android

Without any type of formal announcement, Amazon is rolling out an update to its mobile application on Android that enables Alexa, the company’s virtual assistant, to be used while shopping…

Amazon Stories July 10

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Over recent months, Amazon has quietly started rolling out a new in-house installation service that aims to offer installation of Alexa products, as well as other devices. The effort is detailed in a new report from Recode, drawing similarities to Best Buy’s Geek Squad installation and repair service…

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Amazon Stories June 27

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Amazon’s Prime Exclusive program isn’t a stranger to bringing just-announced smartphones to the market, but it’s not often that we see phones go official for the first time through the program. That, however, is happening today. Amazon has just launched 5 new smartphones for the Prime Exclusive program including the unannounced Alcatel IDOL 5S.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Amazon Stories June 5

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Following the Fire Phone debacle in 2014, Amazon turned to subsidizing phones that were otherwise Android save for pre-installed apps and customizations. A new rumor suggests that Amazon is developing another branded smartphone, but with access to the Play Store.

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Amazon Stories May 9

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Amazon has announced its latest addition to the Echo family, the $229 Amazon Echo Show. Adding to its popular range of home virtual assistant devices, the Show combines the usual Amazon Alexa voice commands with a 7-inch touchscreen, displaying information like weather reports and music lyrics in response to your voice queries.

It also features a camera to enable video calls between friends and family. The Echo Show is up for pre-order now, available in white or black models, and is shipping to customers from June 28.

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