Amazon Stories October 11

We’re spending 44% more time in shopping apps, with digital-first retailers the winners

We learned earlier this year that the average smartphone user spends 2h 15m a day using apps, and new data suggests that more of this time than ever is spent using shopping apps.

App Annie data shows that time spent in digital-first retailer apps like Amazon increased by 44% year-on-year in the first half of 2017 …

Amazon Stories September 29

Amazon’s Fire OS updated to Nougat with introduction of version 6

Amazon’s Fire OS, which runs on all of its Fire tablets and Fire streaming sticks/boxes, is finally getting an upgrade to 7.1.2 Nougat. While this forked version of Android is a pretty big step up from Fire OS 5 (which is based on Lollipop or Marshmallow depending on the device), unfortunately, version 6 won’t be rolling out to many devices…

Amazon Stories September 28

Earlier today we received a pair of juicy tips via email that we couldn’t yet verify, and they mentioned a potentially important forthcoming Google product that we’d only heard whispers about once before: a competitor to the Amazon Echo Show.

Now, thanks to TechCrunch’s apparent quick corroboration, we know that this information likely paints an accurate picture of Google’s plans for such a device. Apparently Google has an Echo Show competitor in the works with a 7-inch display and support for lots of its own services.

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Amazon Stories September 27

As we approach the holiday season, we expect to hear about new products that will hit the market in time for buyers to snatch them for themselves or loved ones. Before today, we knew for sure that Google had plans to introduce the Home Mini at next week’s event. What we didn’t expect was for Amazon to announced an entire line of new Echo products. And on top of that, we exclusively reported that Google had plans to introduce a premium Home called the ‘Max’ (although we don’t know if that’s coming before the end of the year).

This holiday season, do you plan to buy any new Google Home or Amazon Echo products?

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Amazon Stories September 26

Back in May, Amazon announced the Echo Show, a new version of the company’s virtual assistant speaker with a built-in screen. Since its release, when users asked to watch cooking and music videos, it pulled them from YouTube. All of that changed today as Google has now removed YouTube support from the Echo Show…

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Amazon Stories September 20

In 2014, Google Glass founder and former head Babak Parviz left the X division to join Amazon as it began ramping up on hardware. The online retailer is now reportedly set to launch smart glasses that feature its Alexa assistant and a home security camera system as soon as this year.

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