Amazon Stories December 28, 2017

With Amazon announcing that it would begin selling Chromecasts, it seemed that the retailer and Google were finally de-escalating long-running tensions. However, it seems that a deal hasn’t been reached in time as Amazon is telegraphing the impending 2018 block of YouTube to all Fire TV users.

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Amazon Stories December 21, 2017

There has been a very public dispute happening between Google and Amazon for some time now. In it, we have seen Amazon stop selling many Google products, and we have witnessed YouTube get removed from several of the online shopping giant’s streaming devices.

Thankfully, especially for consumers, it appears as though the two companies are starting to work together, which might have now lead to Amazon releasing a Prime Video app for Android TV…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Amazon Stories December 20, 2017

YouTube has a massive community of users, and that’s a good thing. However, it’s also a double-edged sword. YouTube being such a large and widely used platform essentially means it goes unchallenged, leaving creators and companies no alternative when things don’t go their way. Amazon recently faced a problem with that, and now it seems the company may have plans to take on the platform…

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Amazon Stories December 14, 2017

In early December, Google and Amazon’s product dispute escalated resulting in the removal of YouTube from the Echo Show, but more importantly Fire TV. Today, the online retailer appears to be acquiescing to Google’s complaints over the lack of Chromecast devices on sale.

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Amazon Stories December 8, 2017

Amazon launched its Music Unlimited service just over a year ago, adding to competition in the streaming music space – and a major international expansion today sees it available in 28 new countries.

Amazon quickly followed its US launch by rolling out the service to Austria, Germany and the UK the following month, and Japan later. It subsequently offered a family plan and student deal, and recently added Chromecast support to its Android app …

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Amazon Stories December 5, 2017

Back in November, YouTube finally returned to the Echo Show as a basic web wrapper of the desktop site. Today, tensions between Google and Amazon have escalated, resulting in the removal of YouTube from the screened Echo device and more critically the Fire TV line of streaming devices

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