Amazon Stories July 29

In an email to customers this morning, Amazon announced that its “Drive” cloud storage service is shutting down at the end of 2023.

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Amazon Stories July 19

As Made by Google has been counting down on Twitter in recent weeks, the Pixel 6a will go on pre-order this Thursday and it’s now listed on Amazon ahead of that.

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Amazon Stories May 20

Amazon’s latest Fire tablets will ship with Android 11, the first upgrade since Android 9

Amazon has one of the most popular “forks” of the Android operating system with its Fire OS for tablets, and finally, the company is upgrading to Android 11.

Amazon Stories May 18

Amazon just revealed a new refresh of its super-affordable Android tablet, the Fire 7 (2022). And after years of using an outdated standard, Amazon is finally bringing USB-C to the Fire 7.

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Amazon Stories May 5

Google’s crackdown on in-app billing on Android has resulted in changes to quite a few apps. Now, the main Amazon Shopping app for Android has removed the ability to purchase digital content on Android.

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Amazon Stories April 13

Amazon’s ad-supported iMDb TV will be rebranded ‘Amazon Freevee’ later this month

Ad-supported streaming services have a limited barrier of entry, and Amazon’s iMDb TV service has offered a solid catalog and wide availability across Google TV and various other platforms. Now, Amazon has announced that iMDb TV will become “Freevee” this month.

Amazon Stories February 23

Amazon seemingly blocks third-party Android launchers with latest Fire TV updates

Amazon’s Fire TV platform is built on top of Android, just like the company’s tablets – this adds a lot of flexibility to the platform, but with its latest update, Amazon seems to be going out of its way to block Android launchers on Fire TV.

Amazon Stories November 3, 2021

As YouTube feud drags on, Roku reportedly also battling w/ Amazon over user data [Updated]

Roku has been battling Google for the past few months over YouTube and YouTube TV, but it seems that may not be the only fight. According to a new report, Roku and Amazon may also be feuding over access to user data, which could have effects on Prime Video and other services if things go down the same path as they have with Google.

Amazon Stories June 16, 2021

In an effort to move away from third-party cookies, Google is working on rolling out the Federated Learning of Cohorts, better known as FLoC, to Chrome users. The initiative has been highly controversial, with several online companies publicly opposing it. Amazon, though, has quietly started blocking FLoC on its site and properties.

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Amazon Stories May 12, 2021

Amazon refreshes Echo Show display lineup yet again — is Google falling behind? [Poll]

Google and Amazon are the two biggest players when it comes to smart speakers and displays, and today, Amazon has refreshed its popular Echo Show lineup for 2021. It’s got us thinking — is Google falling behind?

Amazon Stories March 31, 2021

Despite being the world’s largest e-commerce retailer, Amazon’s mobile app has always been a bit of a hot mess. After redesigning its app icon earlier this month, Amazon has now given its Android app a minor redesign with better navigation through a bottom bar layout.

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Amazon Stories March 4, 2021

Amazon for Android update delivers new app icon, doesn’t address the mess inside

The Amazon app is used by millions but is also notoriously awful in terms of design and functionality. Now, the Android version of the app is getting a bit of a facelift, but only with a new Amazon icon for your homescreen.

Amazon Stories February 3, 2021

New Amazon CEO commits to making video games following closure of Google Stadia studios

In the wake of the shutdown of Google’s Stadia Games and Entertainment division, Amazon’s new CEO has shared his commitment to the company’s efforts to create video games.

Amazon Stories November 17, 2020

Amazon Music now works inside of the Waze app while navigating

Over the past couple of years, Google-owned Waze has been building out a collection of music partnerships that allow control directly within the Waze app. Now, Amazon Music is joining Waze.

Amazon Stories September 24, 2020

Nearly a year after Google Stadia’s debut, the rumors of Amazon’s competitor have come true. Amazon “Luna” is the company’s new cloud-gaming service, coming soon.

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Amazon Stories August 21, 2020

Considering how janky the experience can be on some of the older Amazon Fire tablets, the lack of “real” support and general bargain basement experience, only the recent models have managed to get our seal of approval. However, if you own an older 2018 Fire HD 8, 2017’s Fire HD 7, and 2019’s Fire 7 tablet, the Android Pie-based Fire OS 7 is now available to download.

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Amazon Stories August 6, 2020

Amazon on Monday started taking preorders for the Pixel 4a even before the phone was officially announced. Google’s mid-range phone is now “Currently unavailable” from the online retailer after becoming a “#1 Best Seller.”

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Amazon Stories April 2, 2020

In light of Google Stadia and Microsoft xCloud, Amazon’s entry into the game streaming field as a large cloud provider is not surprising. A new report details Amazon’s gaming interest with a competitor to Stadia and original content.

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Amazon Stories December 18, 2019

Smart home devices have become much more popular over the last several years, thanks in part to the smart speakers and displays Google and Amazon have been releasing to the market. Today, Google has announced that it will join forces with Amazon, Apple, and others to create a new standard for smart home connectivity.

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Amazon Stories September 25, 2019

Google Assistant is bar none the best when it comes to voice assistants, and it comes in some great hardware packages, too. The Google Home series has some great designs, and the recent Nest Hub smart displays are good-looking. However, Google just doesn’t seem as interested in experimenting with Assistant hardware as Amazon is with Alexa, and sometimes I really wish it was.

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Amazon Stories September 24, 2019

After Hours: Amazon’s new earbuds, Boston Dynamics ‘Spot’ goes to work, more

Gmail finally started rolling out its dark theme today, but other important stories of the day included a leak of Amazon’s new earbuds, changes to the Lyft app, and also the news that Boston Dynamics’ Spot robot is heading to some businesses.

Amazon Stories August 14, 2019

Sony Xperia 1 now available w/ Alexa built-in for $849 on Amazon

The Sony Xperia 1 is a device that’s known best for its super-tall 21:9 display. Today, Amazon has announced that the Xperia 1 will be its latest Alexa hands-free smartphone, and it’s going to be $100 off to celebrate.

Amazon Stories April 24, 2019

Smart speakers are inherently terrifying to many users. After all, a speaker with microphones could gather a lot of data on you. Now, a report has revealed that Google’s competitor Amazon is apparently giving a team of Alexa “reviewers” access to customer data including their location and audio clips.

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Amazon Stories January 10, 2019

Last year, Amazon made waves in the smart home space by acquiring Ring for over $1 billion. Known for home security doorbells, a new report today claims that the company has a lax stance towards privacy that allowed more employees than seemingly necessary to access customers’ live camera feeds.

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Amazon Stories December 12, 2018

The petty feud between Google and Amazon have resulted in a lot of headaches for consumers, but one of the biggest has revolved around the Chromecast. For years, the product has been unavailable from the world’s largest online retailer. Today, though, the Chromecast is finally available from Amazon once again.

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Amazon Stories November 30, 2018

Amazon Music is coming to Android TV even though Prime Video still doesn’t work

Android TV is slowly making a comeback, and Amazon wants in, despite recent overt competition between the two tech giants. To dip its toes in the water, Amazon is starting by creating an Amazon Music app for Android TV.

Amazon Stories July 30, 2018

Kindle app for Android now offers split-screen support, new ‘Notification Center’ incoming

While Google offers its own option for buying and reading e-books on Android, Amazon’s Kindle service is still the most popular option for that on the market today. Now, the Android app is finally adding split-screen support, as well as announcing a new feature.

Amazon Stories May 6, 2018

How to set Amazon Alexa as the default voice assistant on the Google Pixel 2

Just like with Microsoft’s Cortana, you can now set Amazon Alexa as the default on your Google Pixel 2 and many other Android handsets. If you aren’t a fan of Google Assistant, here’s how to change your default voice assistant to Alexa on the Google Pixel 2.

Amazon Stories April 27, 2018

How to avoid the Amazon Prime price increase

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you most likely heard that the company is increasing the program’s cost by $20. If you don’t want to pay the additional amount but do have some extra funds, you can get around the increase for years to come. Here’s how…

Amazon Stories April 25, 2018

Getting media to your TV has never been as easy as it is today. For years now, we’ve had options with Google’s Chromecast, Roku, Amazon’s Fire TV and more. At this point, it’s really coming down to who can get the most attention from consumers. Now, Amazon is teasing an upcoming product that may do just that…

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Amazon Stories April 24, 2018

Six months ago, Amazon launched a new Amazon Key service to allow its delivery staff to unlock your front door and leave packages inside your home while you’re out. It’s today following that up with a variation that will allow access to the trunk of your parked car …

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Amazon Stories March 20, 2018

Alphabet and Amazon are fierce competitors with several areas of increasing overlap. This includes the enterprise cloud market, smart assistants, and now home delivery. Today, the retailer overtook Alphabet in terms of being the more valuable company, with Google’s parent dropping to the third place ranking.

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Amazon Stories March 8, 2018

Google’s Chromecast is one of the most popular streaming devices on the market, but buying one isn’t quite as easy as others. Sure, you can walk into your local Walmart or Best Buy and pick it up, or order from Google’s online store, but the device hasn’t been available through Amazon, the internet’s biggest retailer, for years. Now, the one sliver of hope we had is gone…

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Amazon Stories March 2, 2018

As a result of Google and Amazon’s feud, YouTube is not available on the latter’s Echo or Fire TV devices. One area of contention is the availability of Nest smart home products and a new report today details the discussion between the two companies, and reveals possible involvement by Jeff Bezos.

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Amazon Stories February 27, 2018

Google Cloud poaches Amazon’s head of Alexa AI research and development

Google and Amazon are fierce competitors over smart assistants, with Alexa having the lead in the consumer smart speaker space, as well as the enterprise. However, the retailer has just lost its head of Alexa AI research to Google Cloud.

Amazon Stories February 26, 2018

Amazon is the go-to place for shopping for millions of people, but online shopping still has its caveats. Mainly, you don’t get to see what the item looks like in person, giving you a sense of where it could fit in your home. Thanks to augmented reality, however, Amazon is trying to solve that…

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Amazon Stories February 12, 2018

Amazon refunding customers who paid to remove ads on Prime Exclusive devices

After Amazon announced that it would be removing lockscreen ads from Prime Exclusive Android devices last week, some were upset because they’d previously paid to remove those ads. To make things right, Amazon will be sending those customers refunds…

Amazon Stories February 10, 2018

How to remove lockscreen ads from Amazon Prime Exclusive Android phones

Several days ago, Amazon announced that it would no longer be placing ads on its Prime Exclusive Android phones. With this change, Amazon plans to remove its ads from the phones it already sold, but that rollout will take time. Thankfully, someone already got their hands on the update that removes the ads…

Amazon Stories February 6, 2018

Back in 2016, Amazon introduced Prime Exclusive Phones that took a page from its Kindle line and featured lockcsreen offers and ads. In exchange, the devices are available to Prime subscribers at a subsidized price. This month, Amazon is dropping lockscreen offers and ads on all Prime Exclusive Phones. This is likely due to recent Google Play rule changes.

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Amazon Stories January 22, 2018

Google has blocked YouTube’s TV-optimized web version from the Amazon Fire TV [Update: It’s back]

Update: A few minutes after publishing, YouTube’s optimized experience has returned to the Fire TV.

The Google and Amazon dispute has reached its latest salvo with YouTube’s TV-optimized web version now blocked on the Fire TV. Users of the competing Amazon product can still access the video site, but only through an unintuitive desktop experience.

Amazon Stories January 19, 2018

Amazon continues its assault on Google Assistant w/ full voice control arriving on Alexa Android app

Amazon has today brought full voice control to its Alexa app for Android and will be coming shortly to iOS as well. Previously, the Alexa app was more of a hub to customize Echo speakers and other smart home settings.

Amazon Stories December 28, 2017

With Amazon announcing that it would begin selling Chromecasts, it seemed that the retailer and Google were finally de-escalating long-running tensions. However, it seems that a deal hasn’t been reached in time as Amazon is telegraphing the impending 2018 block of YouTube to all Fire TV users.

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Amazon Stories December 21, 2017

There has been a very public dispute happening between Google and Amazon for some time now. In it, we have seen Amazon stop selling many Google products, and we have witnessed YouTube get removed from several of the online shopping giant’s streaming devices.

Thankfully, especially for consumers, it appears as though the two companies are starting to work together, which might have now lead to Amazon releasing a Prime Video app for Android TV…

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Amazon Stories December 20, 2017

YouTube has a massive community of users, and that’s a good thing. However, it’s also a double-edged sword. YouTube being such a large and widely used platform essentially means it goes unchallenged, leaving creators and companies no alternative when things don’t go their way. Amazon recently faced a problem with that, and now it seems the company may have plans to take on the platform…

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Amazon Stories December 14, 2017

In early December, Google and Amazon’s product dispute escalated resulting in the removal of YouTube from the Echo Show, but more importantly Fire TV. Today, the online retailer appears to be acquiescing to Google’s complaints over the lack of Chromecast devices on sale.

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Amazon Stories December 8, 2017

Amazon launched its Music Unlimited service just over a year ago, adding to competition in the streaming music space – and a major international expansion today sees it available in 28 new countries.

Amazon quickly followed its US launch by rolling out the service to Austria, Germany and the UK the following month, and Japan later. It subsequently offered a family plan and student deal, and recently added Chromecast support to its Android app …

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Amazon Stories December 5, 2017

Back in November, YouTube finally returned to the Echo Show as a basic web wrapper of the desktop site. Today, tensions between Google and Amazon have escalated, resulting in the removal of YouTube from the screened Echo device and more critically the Fire TV line of streaming devices

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Amazon Stories October 11, 2017

We’re spending 44% more time in shopping apps, with digital-first retailers the winners

We learned earlier this year that the average smartphone user spends 2h 15m a day using apps, and new data suggests that more of this time than ever is spent using shopping apps.

App Annie data shows that time spent in digital-first retailer apps like Amazon increased by 44% year-on-year in the first half of 2017 …

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