Amazon Stories June 16

In an effort to move away from third-party cookies, Google is working on rolling out the Federated Learning of Cohorts, better known as FLoC, to Chrome users. The initiative has been highly controversial, with several online companies publicly opposing it. Amazon, though, has quietly started blocking FLoC on its site and properties.

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Amazon Stories May 12

Amazon refreshes Echo Show display lineup yet again — is Google falling behind? [Poll]

Google and Amazon are the two biggest players when it comes to smart speakers and displays, and today, Amazon has refreshed its popular Echo Show lineup for 2021. It’s got us thinking — is Google falling behind?

Amazon Stories March 31

Despite being the world’s largest e-commerce retailer, Amazon’s mobile app has always been a bit of a hot mess. After redesigning its app icon earlier this month, Amazon has now given its Android app a minor redesign with better navigation through a bottom bar layout.

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Amazon Stories March 4

Amazon for Android update delivers new app icon, doesn’t address the mess inside

The Amazon app is used by millions but is also notoriously awful in terms of design and functionality. Now, the Android version of the app is getting a bit of a facelift, but only with a new Amazon icon for your homescreen.

Amazon Stories February 3

New Amazon CEO commits to making video games following closure of Google Stadia studios

In the wake of the shutdown of Google’s Stadia Games and Entertainment division, Amazon’s new CEO has shared his commitment to the company’s efforts to create video games.

Amazon Stories November 17, 2020

Amazon Music now works inside of the Waze app while navigating

Over the past couple of years, Google-owned Waze has been building out a collection of music partnerships that allow control directly within the Waze app. Now, Amazon Music is joining Waze.

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