As we predicted last month, screenshots of a redesigned Gmail Android app loaded with new features hit the web. Not stopping at its mobile mailbox, new images of an overhauled desktop version of Gmail have surfaced and they look very similar to what we saw a few short weeks ago.

Obtained by, the screen captures reveal a slide-in menu on the left-hand side that might replace Gmail’s current setup. Also changing, Hangouts will be updated with a collapsible interface on the other side of the screen.

Although we’ve seen intel suggesting that Google will focus on being able to star important items, the new Gmail layout will introduce a pin system that lets you prioritize the emails you see first based on importance. This new look and feel seems promising, however there’s no telling if or when Google might make it available to the public.

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2 Responses to “Google reportedly testing redesigned desktop version of Gmail”

  1. I am also interested if this will only influence a desktop version or a pioneer for a future web-based UI. There are already teams experimenting in new webmail overviews built on a Gmail account like and they are way more disruptive I guess.

  2. 311sie says:

    Can see the Sparrow team’s influence in the design. Will this be an actual desktop client or just a new browser UI?