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Sprint has unveiled its newest family data plans in an attempt to win back customers that have fled to rivals AT&T and Verizon. The new plans offer twice as much data as the competition at about the same prices. It’s the latest move by the floundering carrier following the less-than-stellar reception of its recently-announced “Framily” plans.

The new plans allow up to ten lines with a shared data pool of 20 GB—paired an additional 2 GB per device as part of a limited-time offer—for a grand total of up to $40 GB of shared data through 2015. A pricing chart (below) breaks down how all of the charges in the new plans work, including an additional $10 per tablet and shared data packs of up to 60 GB.

The new plans go into effect on August 22nd. The company says it will make additional announcements soon, including one later this week about new and improved plans for individuals.

Sprint Family  Share Pack2

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One Response to “Sprint announces revamped family data plans with double data, individual plans coming soon”

  1. RK Soni says:

    Now New CEO has started its functioning….fueled price war… now what Mr Legere will do ? Has any one idea what would be the cost of this 20GB plan after 2015………… would cost $250 in place of $100 for 10 lines………………..