TV is roaring onto Android this week as Netflix released a client for five devices.  As per usual, XDA modders were able to extract the APK and are getting it working on just about every Android device out there. Some hacking may be involved.

In other TV on Android news, Motorola XOOMs with the Android 3.1 update are able to watch Hulu video free in their browsers (for the time being) using a special version of Adobe Flash and some hackery (below). 

1.  Uninstall your current Flash 10.3. 2.  Download the file from below and install it. 3.  Head into your browser and update the UAString to “Desktop.”

Type:  about:debug and press enter.  Head into Settings>Debug>UAString>Desktop.

4.   Jump over to and enjoy.

Download:  Flash_10.3-Hulufied_BRDizzle.apk

via XDA

Pretty soon, there won’t be a need for a separate GoogleTV

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