Barnes and Noble announced their new Touch Nook today and it seems pretty impressive at first blush.

Some fun facts:

  1. No Keyboard (obv) and only one “Nook Button”
  2. 6-inch eInk display, IR touchscreen
  3. 2 months of battery life(!!).  Bet that changes when it has Gingerbread and a browser
  4. 800MHz TI OMAP3 processor, Runs Android 2.1 – at least until the modders get their hands on it.
  5. 802.11G wireless networking and 2GB built-in and a microSDHC slot
  6. Weight: 7.48-ounces, .47 inches thick (slightly lighter but slightly thicker than the Kindle)

The question in my mind is: How many people would rather have a color iPod touch or Samsung Galaxy player for less than $100 more and get full Apps, Web Browser, maps, GPS, Cameras, Video conference, etc etc on only a bit smaller screen?

Interestingly, the Nook Touch also looks really small unless the guy below is a giant:


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