Google has begun rolling out the new look that is being spread all over its services to Google Apps accounts. The new look will appear across Google Mail, Calendar, and Docs over the coming weeks. Regular Google users have enjoyed the new look for about a month now. (via The Next Web)

Also for apps users, Google has a little update regarding Google+ availability:

Google+ is not yet available to Google Apps users, but we’re working hard to bring the features of Google+ to Apps users in the future. In the meantime, if you want to use Google+ during field trial, you can use an existing personal Google Account or create a new Google Account with a Gmail address or a non-Google Apps email address…

If you already signed up for Google+ with your Google Apps email address, you’ve created a conflicting account — essentially a personal Google Account that uses the same email address as your Google Apps account. In the future, you’ll be prompted to rename this conflicting account to an email address that is not already associated with an existing Google Account, for example a new Gmail address.

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