As we just reported on 9to5Mac, Radio Shack will finally being selling the Verizon iPhone 4 on September 15th, the official kickoff date for Radio Shack and Verizon Wireless’s new partnership. But we can’t forget those interested in Google’s Android devices, so here’s the rest of Radio Shack’s initial Verizon Wireless offerings:

  • HTC Thunderbolt 4G
  • HTC Incredible 2
  • HTC Cosmos 2
  • LG Octane
  • Droid Bionic 4G
  • Droid Charge 4G
  • LG Revolution 4G
  • Droid X2
  • Samsung Mobile Hotspot

This is obviously a fantastic – and Android filled! – initial lineup for Radio Shack and Verizon’s new partnership. This is also great news for Google and will likely assist in their growing marketshare.

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