The small Android 2.1-powered device in the video above is the creation of wearable technology company WIMM, and despite the video showing it off in wristwatch-form, it actually aims to be much more.

WIMM offers a few other product concepts for the device, known as the WIMM Module, including attaching it to the “back of a stethoscope”, inside a pendant, clipped to clothing, or attached to other products such as a wheelchair. The back of the device has pin connectors for docking it to any number of third-party accessories.

Of course, apps will be designed specifically for the smaller screen, and you’ll also have large icons to swipe through (something like the new iPod nano UI). The video shows of a Starbucks coffee card app, RSS reader, and quickly shows a remote app icon. You can imagine a number of scenarios where apps like these might be more convenient in the small form factor opposed to pulling out your smartphone.

You’ll also be able to pair the WIMM Module with an Android phone and use it for sending calls to voicemail, and sending and viewing text messages. Pre-determined responses can be used to quickly and easily respond to messages without having to type. The company hopes to include NFC capabilities in a future model as well.

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The WIMM Module measures just 32mm x 36mm with a display that’s 1-inch x 1-inch. Other hardware and software specifications are only being offered to developers at this point. WIMM plans on making the device available to developers within the next couple weeks and hopefully we’ll see a public launch shortly after.

(via The Droid Guy)

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