YouTube, Google’s popular video sharing site, is more popular overseas, in non-English markets, than in the United States, United Kingdom and other English-speaking countries. According to an exclusive GigaOM finding, the majority of YouTube views come from non-English audience. A company spokesperson told the publication:

Sixty percent of all video views on YouTube come from users who select a language other than English as the site’s display language.

Google’s been rolling out localized YouTube sites at a rapid pace lately. The site is currently available in 51 languages, including IsiZulu and Afrikaans which are used in South Africa. YouTube’s popularity has been rising steadily as the site attempts to break away from the clearing house of kitten videos to the premium entertainment destination.

Google is pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into content deals with Hollywood majors and independent filmmakers. The site has aired interesting documentaries for free, including ‘Life In A Day’ produced by the Scott brothers. They are also live streaming rock concerts, sport events and other live performances, including important world events such as the Mecca pilgrimage. Google also promised scheduled YouTube channels in 2012.

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