If you own a Chromebook, basically a notebook with flash storage preloaded with Google’s cloud-based operating system, you’ll be delighted to know that a new software update is dropping, bringing out new features. Just as Google pushed Chrome 15 to the stable channel two weeks ago, today the company announced a corresponding update for Chromebooks, which as of now include Acer’s AC700, Samsung’s Series 5 and Cr-48 notebooks.

In addition to Chrome 15 features such as a prettified New Tab page with customizable home screens for web app icons, this update adds the new web UI login, supports playback of key media codecs and improves video decode performance.

Additionally, you can now choose your preferred networks and access NTFS volumes. You will also notice new ‘Games’ and ‘Music’ apps by default. Bug fixes, performance enhancements and a bunch of security updates fixing exploits are also part of this Chromebook OS release.

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