A new San Francisco based start-up called Switchcam combines YouTube videos from concerts, political events, and more to stitch together one video with multiple angles from the event. The service uses YouTube videos, which are turned into a seamless video. Above, I was watching a concert from My Morning Jacket where two camera angles were used. While Switchcam will automatically switch between the angles, you can also do it manually. The service works very seamlessly.

The service goes beyond two angles however, and can also have a set list to the left of the video. Right now the service has a vast majority of concerts, which seems to just be curated by the staff. The product is currently in beta, but is launching soon the company says on their blog. Presumably when it launches, Switchcam will allow its users to do the stitching instead of the staff. Check out their full list of events.

This is an awesome use of the large amount of videos YouTube offers. You may remember the music video service called Rokker we showed you a few months ago. Hopefully we continue to see products like these roll out in the future.

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