This is Androidland, the world’s first retail store dedicated to all things Android. Dubbed Androidland and in the making since July, it carries a range of Android smartphones, tablets, working robots and accompanied accessories. Heck, they even have a spaceship replica where you can play Angry Birds or experience Google Earth on a huge screen.

Another perk: They’ve got gingerbread smells in the store for the full Android experience. The unusual retail place is located at Bourke Street in Melbourne, Australia and operated by Telstra, the country’s telecommunications and media company.

According to the Androidcentral blog, Telstra closely worked with Google and OEM partners on the outlet that measures 1540 square feet. Telstra will operate Androidland for six months to gauge interest. If foot traffic and revenue meet internal targets, it will stay open longer and hopefully other stores will arrive.

Dedicated retail stores, a secret recipe which has helped Apple become so successful in the past decade, are needed to help push Android gear as well. Although Google’s OEM partners, handset vendors and carriers promote Android devices at their stores around the world, a dedicated Android retail store chain could go a long way toward raising the platform’s visibility, conveying the brand message more clearly and help fans try out the latest Android devices in order to make more informed purchasing decisions.

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