Sony announced its new Walkman Z1000 personal media player at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show (via The Verge). The Walkman Z1000 is set to be an iPod and Galaxy Player competitor, with its Tegra 2 processor, 4.3-inch WVGA display, 16-or-32GB of storage, and Android 2.3 with Market access. The Z1000 is set to launch this spring, priced at $280 for the 16GB version and $330 for the 32GB.

The full press release is available after the break:

Press Release

Sony’s Walkman line of MP3 audio players is adding the Z Series. This flagship product adds a multi-application interface and new connectivity options to Sony’s Music Unlimited service and the Android market. Content from Z Series players can be sent wirelessly to certain DLNA enabled devices, or via HDMI to BRAVIA TVs.

Sony is offering up to 11 ofits new Balanced Armature line of headphones, which deliver a wide variety of listening experiences. These micro-sized earbud style products are specially designed for style, comfort, sound insulation, sound leakage prevention and noise canceling.

Additionally, a focus on environment sustainability will continue to result in new products that consume less power and energy and require fewer natural resources both in their design and packaging.

Sony has it all: products, content, services and connectivity to technologies for 2D, HD, 3D, and 4K, plus games and Grammy- and Academy Award-winning music and movies, as well as new releases and upcoming blockbusters like “Men in Black 3.”

Sony’s CES exhibit demonstrates a total commitment to entertainment from a total entertainment company.

“Sony creates and delivers more entertainment experiences to more people than anyone, anywhere,” said Sir Howard Stringer, chairman, CEO and president of Sony Corporation. “We will continue to create the best products in the world, the kind of things that make people say,‘I have seen the future…and it’s a Sony.’”

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