When LG introduced its latest offering to the Google TV lineup at CES in January, the Korea-based company did not give details on the launch. However, the launch time could be this week, according to the Korea Herald. The publication claimed that LG’s 3D Google TV, the first set that is part of Google TV 2.0, will be priced at $1,600 for the 47-inch version and $2,100 for the 55-inch version.

LG’s Google TV is the first Google-branded set to feature 3D technology. However, it is not your typical 3D. It is rather passive 3D, which does not require glasses like others. Yes, you can use 3D without those goofy glasses.

The Korea Herald’s report claimed: “For LG, Google TV is a showcase of what it can achieve before a full-fledged battle with Apple gets started.” It makes sense, no? We will keep a look out, and then let you know when they hit United States stores.

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