Google TV just launched iHeartRadio on its Smart TV platform in an effort to bring live radio to the big screen.

iHeartRadio is a four-year-old website and mobile radio network that aggregates local radio brands, personalities, and on-demand content. The new Google TV app offers 800 live stations and the ability to create a custom station based on an artist or track. It also sports high-resolution imagery, quick jump options, and seamless navigation for finding local broadcasts by genre or location. Moreover, the app “dims the lights,” so users can listen to music without a blaring screen in the room.

A screenshot of the app is above, while a reel of the service is below. 

“The result is a deeper emotional connection to the product and to the music itself,” explained web developer Ken Colton and iHeartRadio designer Harper Lieblich on the official Google TV blog.

The popular app is strikingly similar to Pandora Internet Radio, a 12-year-old website and app that also employs an automated music recommendation service with customization options. Users can find iHeartRadio in the Spotlight app of Google TV.

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