Per the Wall Street Journal, Apple and Google are leading the pack for bids for Kodak’s patents.

CNBC shares another bit from the WSJ’s story, shedding light on the other bidders:

The Wall Street Journal has now published its full story:

At least two groups are expected to bid on Kodak’s trove of 1,100 patents, with a bevy of technology and patent heavyweights picking sides and competing for the patents, said people familiar with the matter.

Apple Inc., AAPL +1.79% Microsoft Corp. MSFT +2.04% and Intellectual Ventures Management LLC, a patent aggregation firm, are teaming to form one bidding group, the people said. The other consortium includes Google Inc., GOOG +3.52% Samsung Electronics Co., 005930.SE +5.20% LG Electronics Inc., 066570.SE +3.51% HTC Corp.2498.TW +3.94% and another patent aggregation firm, RPX Corp., RPXC +0.55% the people said.

The people familiar with the discussions cautioned that work on bids could continue over the weekend, with alliances changing and other bidders potentially emerging.

The potential bidders either declined to comment or didn’t immediately respond to requests to comment.

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