Google announced earlier this summer that it would retire iGoogle on Nov. 1, 2013, but it appears the search giant has already begun axing private APIs despite the 15 months remaining that it allotted folks for sufficiently exporting data.

The Weather API, for instance, is now six feet under. There is no official word from Mountain View about closing it, but the product that the API maintained, as first noted by TheNextWeb, is now using (examples: 94102 and Mountain View). Therefore, the switch is calculated…and quiet. A glance at Status Dashboard indicates Google edged out the Weather API starting Aug. 27.

Web developers from everywhere have also reported issues when trying to use the Weather API, such as Hacker News and StackOverflow, with many Twitterers further giving Google flack for pulling support without a proper warning. Google notified the public that it would shutdown iGoogle, however, so today’s news should not be too astonishing.

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