Samsung may have received the tipping point of technology lawsuits recently, but the South Korea-based technology firm is ready to deal them out too. Yonhap News reports this morning that Samsung’s display sector has filed documents in a South Korea court, in hopes of gaining an injunction on LG display for allegedly using display technology that was leaked from Samsung. The technology is said to be leaked by eleven Samsung employees, who were fired in July from the firm for leaking display technology to its rival. Samsung now believes that LG has stolen the technology and is now using it in its display technology.

According to the report, Samsung is hoping to gain damages of 1 billion won (US $880,514) for each 18 confidential technologies for its OLED displays and 21 other details on the matter that were allegedly leaked. Samsung released a statement on the matter, saying “LG Display has consistently acquired our OLED technologies and other business secrets by inducing our researchers to transfer.” There’s no word on when the case will enter the court, but you bet we’ll be following the story. [Yonhap]

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