With fall on the horizon, the Google Maps team researched the summer’s most popular activities by analyzing global search patterns on maps.google.com. The team then charted the resulting data into visual representations, otherwise known as an infographic, which is available in full below.

According to the official Google blog:

Before we approach the official end of summer on September 21, our Google Maps team thought it’d be fun to see how those of us in the Northern Hemisphere have spent the dog days. To do this, we reviewed the summer search activity on maps.google.com in several countries between the end of May and the beginning of September. Within each country, a look at some of the top-rising searches and the often-searched landmarks on Google Maps gives us a sense of how people around the world spent their summers.

A few of the highlights: North Americans mostly searched for local beaches, Europeans preferred community swimming pools, and United Kingdom dwellers looked for indoor activities. The overall patterns indicated, however, that the most popular destination searches were outdoor-based.

Check out the full-sized infographic below, or go to the Google blog for more specifics.

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