Google now lets friends play live music with…the Chrome browser and computer accessories?

Yeah, watch the video above for the full rundown. It is such a cute ad. Maybe it’s the purring cat in the beginning (the Internet + cats = magic), or maybe it is because Google is getting crazy creative with product advertising— even if it’s only meant for YouTube.

Anyway, back to the point: Google launched an interactive web app today that allows friends to play music together remotely in the Chrome browser.

Check it out:

When entering the site, users can browse 19 different instruments, and then select an instrument for playing. They can even invite up to three additional friends, toggle instruments, switch between expertise modes, and mess around with autoplay functions.

“No matter what your level of talent—from daydreaming air guitarist to music pro—you can JAM together in real time over the web,” explained the Internet giant on the official Google blog.

Awesome. Now back to watching cat videos.

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