Ever wonder what Google did with all of those extra Nexus Qs? Presenting the Nexus 4 charging dock. Up until today, Google’s Nexus 4 wireless charger wasn’t actually available to purchase—despite being announced and detailed alongside the device as far back as October. Google has finally made things official for the wireless charging pad, at least in the U.S., with Google Play now accepting orders and shipping the device to customers “in less than one week.” The design clearly looks like it came from the same team as Google’s Nexus Q, but hopefully it’s able to stick around a little longer than the now discontinued streaming orb.

DIMENSIONS -76pi x 53.05(T) (mm) COLOR -Black WEIGHT -130g DC INPUT -5Vdc/1.8A DC OUTPUT -5Vdc/1.0A CHARGING TIME -Approximately 4 hours

The Nexus 4 wireless charger sells for $59.99 USD through Google Play.

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