Today is Valentine’s Day, so of course Google posted one of its iconic interactive Google Doodles on the homepage.

Apparently, though, Feb. 14 is also the 154th birthday of George W.G. Ferris Jr., a.k.a. inventor of the Ferris Wheel. So, this year’s Valentine’s Day doodle is an animated logo that allows Web surfers to press a heart at the bottom and spin a Ferris Wheel to match characters with their valentine.

Oh, and clicking the search icon at the top of the Google Doodle promptly searches the name “George Ferris”. Also, for those not using a desktop web browser and instead on a device running Jelly Bean, Google Now—following yesterday’s big update—currently displays Google Doodles when dictating a search.

Check out a video of the doodle above, while a few screenshots are after the break (the octopus and bear one is especially cute).

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