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The Android Market became Google Play exactly one year ago today, and Google is celebrating the marketplace’s first birthday and re-branding anniversary with a bevy of price drops and deals.

Check it out: Google Play: Happy Birthday!

Google has marked down best-selling albums, such as “Talk That Talk” by Rihanna, and popular movies like “Intruder”, and it even slashed prices on TV shows, books, and magazines. The Internet Giant didn’t stop there, though. It decided to also offer exclusive gaming content for specific titles like Monster Pet Shop and Cloud+ Sheep.”

“Each of these games has some custom content to get you into the celebratory spirit – something unique to Google Play,” explained Google. “Explore, get some great deals and gifts and help us celebrate by having a blast. Get your gifts and get gaming.”

Google said all deals are limited-time only offers, but the celebration will last all week.

“It’s been an incredible first year and we look forward to sharing the gift of digital diversions for many more to come,” Google added.

Get more details at the official Google blog, or check out the infographic below.


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