gmail-inbox-tabs-ads A few weeks ago, Google unveiled a new tabbed interface for Gmail that divides your inbox into several tabs, including primary, promotions, and updates. It looks like the company has some bigger plans for revenue with the third of those sections, however.

According to a new report from the Google System blog, the company is testing ads that resemble emails in the promotion tab. The ads look exactly like other emails in the inbox, but have a small ad logo below the sender’s name.

“It’s a new type of ad which you can forward to a friend, or star to save it to your inbox. If you dismiss this ad, you won’t see it again,” informs Google. You can click “dismiss” or use the “x” icon to remove an ad. If you want to see all the sponsored promotions for your account, go to¬†this page.

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As Google now displays ads directly in the inbox, it will no longer display text ads above the inbox. It’s important to note that these ads only appear in the promotions tab of your inbox, so ideally, they will blend in with your other emails and won’t be too intrusive.

If you don’t like this, you can remove the promotions tab by clicking the gear icon in the upper right corner of your inbox and unchecking the promotion field.

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