email Stories June 3, 2016

outlook_androidwear_3 As part of an update to the Outlook application for Android, Microsoft has announced today the addition of a new Android Wear watch face. This new watch face brings email on your wrist to a whole new level; rather than simply giving you notifications and simple actions from Android Wear’s notification feed, everything can be seen and accessed from the watch face itself. Let’s take a quick look…

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email Stories March 4, 2016

Inbox by Gmail adds a much-needed fullscreen compose window

Since its launch two years ago, Inbox has gotten more powerful and added legacy features from Gmail while remaining simple and smart. A minor update today adds the much-needed ability to expand the compose window on the web.

email Stories February 26, 2016

Inbox by Gmail adds ‘later this week’ and ‘this weekend’ as default Snooze options

Since its launch last year, Inbox by Gmail has added more features to make it smarter and more convenient to use. Today, the app is getting a highly requested feature that allows users more granularity and adds more options to the popular email snoozing feature.

Gmail Default mail app

I’ve never been a big proponent of the stock Mail application in OS X, so I generally find myself relying on Gmail inside a browser for all of my email needs. In fact, I don’t have any accounts configured inside of the Mail app at all. With this in mind, I get frustrated when I accidentally click a mailto link while I’m using Chrome. Doing so forces the Mail app to open, which wastes time.

Wouldn’t it be better if you could configure Gmail to be the default mail client inside of Chrome or another browser? In this video tutorial, I’ll show you how easy it is to configure Chrome, Safari, and even Firefox to use Gmail as default. expand full story

email Stories February 17, 2016


Starting with Android Lollipop, users could use the Gmail app to manage their Outlook or Yahoo email addresses instead of a rarely updated and generic email app. Now, those users will have the option to get access to more advanced Gmail features like spam protection and inbox organization with a new feature called Gmailify.

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email Stories January 26, 2016

Inbox by Gmail

If Gmail was Google’s answer to email in 2004, Inbox is how the company wants everyone to do email in the future. Like Google Now, it has intelligent features that make it easier for regular users to manage their email. An update today makes search smarter so that users don’t have to dig around their messages to find something.

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