The sub-$250 Chromebooks were a huge hit for both Samsung and Acer last year, and according to a new report out of DigiTimes, ASUS is also planning to enter the growing Chrome OS market. The site claims that ASUS is planning to make a foray into the Chromebook market as soon as the fourth quarter of this year. After experiencing low-demand for the back-to-school season, the company is looking to boost its shipment numbers, notably to education customers. ASUS recently reduced its notebook shipment predictions for 2013 from 22-24 million units to 17-19 million units.

With its entry in the Chromebook business, Asustek is hoping to gain orders from the education industry. Although order volumes are likely to be limited, they will still help the company.

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In addition to boosting its shipments, ASUS is also looking to further improve its relationship with Google by manufacturing Chromebooks.

Since Android and Chrome OS may be integrated in 2014, Asustek’s decision to enter the Chromebook and Android notebook markets is expected to help tighten the company’s relationship with Google.

While Chromebooks haven’t made a huge dent in the PC market so far, they are accounting for more than a quarter of all laptops sold for under $300. Whether or not ASUS’ will be under $300 remains to be seen, but it could be a viable competitor to the other sub-$300 Chromebooks.

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