Asus Stories April 25

The Asus Chromebox 3 is available now for pre-order

Back at CES, Asus announced the Chromebox 3, which is powered by 8th generation Intel Core CPUs. Now, without any type of announcement, the ChromeOS-running machine has shown up on several retailer’s websites for pre-order.

Asus Stories February 27

Since the release of the iPhone X, we’ve seen a growing number of phone manufacturers release new devices that either slightly resemble Apple’s flagship or have a similar notch in the display. Well, today Asus announced its new line of ZenFone 5 smartphones at MWC and they are basically clones of the latest iPhone…

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Asus Stories January 8

ASUS announces Chromebox 3 with 8th-gen Intel Core processors, USB-C

After being last significantly updated in 2015, ASUS at CES today unveiled the Chromebox 3. This third iteration of the “small form factor solution” running Chrome OS features the latest 8th generation Intel Core chips and is launching later this year.

Asus ZenFone Max Plus (M1): 5.7-inch 2160 x 1080 display, dual rear-facing cameras, more

We don’t typically see too many smartphones announced during CES, but Asus has just taken the wraps off of its latest budget handset. Asus wanted to make a device that could last all day, so the ZenFone Max Plus (M1) packs a massive 4,130mAh mAh battery. Unfortunately, it also charges over microUSB…

Asus Stories November 23, 2017

The new ASUS ZenFone V offers high-end Android phone specs and design in a super affordable package, making it one of the best options around at its price point, but today the device is becoming an even better deal as this Verizon exclusive offering goes free for Thanksgiving and Black Friday only. In the video below we take the device for a hands-on test drive and show you how ASUS managed to create a super solid phone and one of the best options in its price category.

Get the ASUS ZenFone V for FREE for a limited time on Thanksgiving and Black Friday only from Verizon.

Head below for a hands-on look with the new phone:

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Ready to try the Pixelbook?

Asus Stories August 22, 2017

Tango is Google’s first step into augmented reality which uses highly sensitive cameras and sensors to scan its surroundings. The latest Tango-enabled device is the Asus ZenFone AR which is meant to get the AR platform into more consumer hands. Unfortunately, our review of the handset finds that it likely has more flaws than anything else for most people, especially with a $600+ price tag.

Does the ZenFone AR offer enough to get you to use Tango or are you more interested in using other mobile AR technologies?

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