Asus Stories July 5

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ASUS confirms July 11th rollout for Android Wear 2.0 on ZenWatch 3, ZenWatch 2 next month

Android Wear 2.0’s rollout to the wide variety of wearables set to receive it has been slow, to say the least. Many watches still lack the update, but one of the biggest releases yet to pick it up has been ASUS’ ZenWatch line. Recently, ASUS finally gave us some concrete information on when its Wear 2.0 rollout will begin.

Asus Stories July 3

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When Google announced the rollout of Android Wear 2.0, it said that a plethora of smartwatches would be getting the update “in the coming weeks.” I guess that’s always going to be technically true no matter how many weeks have passed, but it’s pretty embarrassing that now, almost 6 months since that announcement, there are still watches that haven’t received the update…

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Asus Stories May 15

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Android Wear has had a particularly tough time over the past several months, with the 2.0 “relaunch” not quite being the success story everyone was hoping for. Due to the lack of traction in the market, OEMs have been ditching the OS, with many customers also looking at other options. Now, ASUS is reportedly looking to bow out…

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!


Asus Stories May 9

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ASUS ZenFone 3 Zoom with its 5,000 mAh battery now available for $329

ASUS hasn’t made a huge splash this year, but it has had two releases in the queue. Following its debut way back at CES 2017, ASUS has finally made the ZenFone 3 Zoom available for $329 in the US.

Asus Stories April 5

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2017 ushered in a new era for Chromebooks with a front and center focus on Android apps. As the year kicked off, we knew there were two big releases coming up, and both debuted back at CES. Leading up to that, attention was on the Samsung Chromebook Pro, but ASUS was in the background working on its own option and, spoiler alert, I think it might be the better choice…

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Asus Stories March 20

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ASUS’ UK store surfaces the evasive Chromebook Flip C302CA with 8GB RAM

One of the more exciting Chrome OS announcements lately has been ASUS’ new Chromebook Flip C302CA. While its name isn’t too attention grabbing, the Chromebook itself is, offering up fantastic competition to Samsung’s new Chromebooks. However, we’ve known for a while that ASUS would be offering a model of this new machine with 8GB of RAM, but it has been tough to find. Now, ASUS is releasing that model, in the UK…

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