Oh the weather outside is…not yet frightful but the deals have already started and the holiday season is moving into full swing. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday now behind us, it begs the question what goodies you purchased over this holiday weekend? Did you grab a new tablet, smartphone, Chromebook, HTC One, LG G2, Galaxy S 4 or something else entirely?

As for myself, I picked up some digital Star Wars comics (I’m a Wars fan, don’t hate), books for the iPad and a WHOLE bunch of on-sale apps for my Galaxy Note II and LG G2. I didn’t go nearly as crazy as I have in recent years, but this time around I didn’t find the deals as enticing or as “amazing” as I hoped they would be. Either way, there’s plenty of sales on the horizon with 22 more shopping days left till Christmas and two more nights of Hanukkah.

So, what did you score this crazy shopping weekend?

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