Late last night, Google quietly updated the Play Store app to version 4.5.10, and as usual, the folks at Android Police have dug into the app to find any noticeable changes. First off, the Play Store can now tell you prior to download if an app has in-app purchases or not, which is very useful. It doesn’t tell you how much those in app purchases will cost, or what the most popular ones are, but this is certainly a start.

The update has also brought about a few design tweaks. The five-star selector on app detail pages is now much bigger, which should entice even more people to rate apps. There’s also now a more visible “Edit” button, in addition to the new ability to totally delete your review. The avatars placed alongside all reviews are now circular, as opposed to the squares in previous versions. There are also some various font tweaks throughout the app. 

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Another notable feature with this Play Store update is an activity feed. This is essentially a stream of Play Store activity, connected via your Google+ profile. It will show people’s reviews, +1s, ratings, and more.

The update is slowing being pushed to devices by Google, but if you don’t want to wait, head over to Android Police, where they have serval download links.


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