This “new” Verizon video includes Edward Norton and a whole lot of silly situations someone can get into during a 48 hour period. The video, which actually went live at the tail end of November is making the rounds this morning after a teaser earlier in November hinted at something relating to 48 hours.

The commercial itself is of course incredibly silly as it finds Norton using various features of the DROID device to get himself out of the aforementioned silly situations. Still, there’s no harm in pimping 48 hour battery life considering how frequently battery life is listed as a concern amongst smartphone users these days.

Perhaps the real problem for Verizon isn’t the marketing or even the device itself, it’s overcoming the idea that this kind of battery life should be in a flagship device and not just a “DROID” device. Can you imagine the Galaxy S 4 with 48 hour battery life? ZOMG.

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