A few weeks back rumors surfaced suggesting that Motorola Mobility was working on a device called the Moto X+1. Soon after this claim, additional details about the unannounced handset’s customization options emerged, with rumors of it offering a new leather back plate as an optional design. While we’re still not completely sure what the Moto X+1 might be, recently the mysterious device was spotted in Motorola’s MotoMaker by German mobile blog MobiFlip.

Motorola has since removed the listing, but not before a screenshot was captured. Adding to our curiosity, Motorola Mobility recently announced that it will be hosting a press event on May 13th where it will unveil its next smartphone. Hopefully this big reveal will shed some light on the dark spot that has been the Moto X+1, however, until that day comes, the company has released something to entertain Moto X and Moto G owners who might be looking for something new.

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