Google is pulling the plug on its online coupon cutting business known as Zavers. If you’re unfamiliar with this platform, don’t feel too bad, it’s only been around for a little over a year and a half. In its heyday, the soon to be defunct platform would let shoppers use online coupons at brick and mortar locations from participating retailers.

A product of Google’s 2011 acquisition of  Zave Network, Zavers launched in January last year with support from several major grocery store chains like A&P, Raleys, Waldbaums and The Food Emporium. Extreme couponers could collect online offers from a retailer’s website and link the deal to their loyalty account with that particular merchant. Once at a store, the user would receive the discount by scanning their rewards card or entering their phone number during the checkout process.

A good idea in theory, Zavers reportedly didn’t takeoff as quickly as the search giant hoped due to some retailers shying away from sharing their customers’ information. The service is set to be shuttered over the next few months and Google is in the process of helping clients transition away from the Zavers platform.

(via Re/code)

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