Google recently gave the world a look at its homegrown self-driving vehicle and although it looks like something out of a Saturday morning cartoon, not everyone is convinced that the company’s cutesy car will be used for the good of mankind. According to an alleged FBI report obtained by The Guardian, the bureau believes that autonomous vehicles can be “lethal weapons,” but not in ways that you may think.

Sure, people are obviously worried about an increase in traffic collisions, but the US government agency fears that self-driving cars could lead to “multitasking” bad guys. The report paints a picture of criminals looking away from the road during a car chase to use both hands to shoot at police officers pursuing them. While this is a scary thought, the FBI also sees some of the possible benefits of driverless vehicles. On the flipside of things, the bureau’s report discusses how a self-driving car could possibly reduce auto accidents caused by poor judgement and improve the way law enforcement handle surveillance.

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