Self-Driving Car Stories January 12

Waymo made great strides throughout 2017 that culminated with the announcement that a public ride service is coming soon to Phoenix. Now, Alphabet’s self-driving division is returning to San Francisco to test its autonomous Chrysler Pacifica vehicles.

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Self-Driving Car Stories November 28, 2017

The Waymo case against Uber was due to begin in October, but was delayed to give the Alphabet division more time to examine last-minute evidence. Rescheduled to begin next week, the trial has again been postponed after information and other bombshell allegations that Uber withheld have surfaced.

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Everyone can use an Echo Dot: Just $50!

Waymo’s autonomous vehicles have driven 4M miles, last million over past six months

Back in May, Alphabet’s Waymo announced that its autonomous vehicles have driven three million miles on public roads since the program’s inception in 2009. Six months later, that total has increased to four million miles.

Self-Driving Car Stories November 7, 2017

Following eight years of development and a recent public awareness campaign, Waymo’s self-driving cars are now transporting passengers without a human behind the wheel. These fully autonomous rides started in mid-October and in the coming months will expand to the public as part of a ride-hailing service.

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Self-Driving Car Stories October 12, 2017

Waymo’s lawsuit against Uber was surprising on a number of fronts, including Google and Alphabet’s normal hesitancy towards suits. However, as it stated, Waymo found Uber’s actions a particularly large affront. Reuters has now discovered what Waymo is demanding from Uber in settlement talks to stop the case from going to trial.

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Self-Driving Car Stories October 9, 2017

With Waymo rumored to launch a ride-hailing service in the coming months, the Alphabet division is launching a public education campaign about self-driving cars. First rolling out in Arizona, Waymo wants to inform the world about the advantages of autonomous vehicles.

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