European Union privacy regulators have reached out to Google, Microsoft and Yahoo to discuss the rules of the recent court-ordered “right to be forgotten” rule. EU officials told The Wall Street Journal that they are trying to set up a meeting with the tech juggernauts for next Thursday in Brussels, however it remains unknown if the companies have accepted the invitation.

The European Union Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled in May that people have the right to ask search engines to remove web links that may contain  “outdated or irrelevant” information. Critics have labeled the ruling as another form of internet censorship blocking people’s right to know public information. Activists fighting the ECJ’s decision have gone as far as archiving links that have been removed under the court’s new policy.

One of the topics on the EU regulator’s agenda may be Google’s refusal to remove results from its main search page Instead, the company has been removing information from its European search engines, like and


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