The forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will reportedly feature some type of ultraviolet (UV) sensor that is expected to be integrated with the company’s S Health software, according to SamMobile. So, how will this ambitious gizmo work? The sensor will reportedly measure the sun’s ultraviolet radiation levels to help users avoid damaging their skin, which could potentially help reduce their risk of skin cancer.

In order to measure the levels of UV radiation, users will need to keep the device at over a 60 degree angle of elevation towards the sun against the back of the phone’s sensor. Sounds kind of awkward if you ask us, but we’ll wait to see it in action before jumping to any permanent conclusions.

The phone’s software will guide users with information based on the Ultraviolet Index, which ranges from low danger, moderate risk, high risk, very high risk and extreme risk. While you may want to file this new addition somewhere next to the Galaxy S5’s heart rate sensor, it has does have the potential to be useful. Samsung has yet to publicly announce the Galaxy Note 4, but rumor has it that it will have its place in the sun during this year’s IFA in Berlin.

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