Samsung recently announced the Galaxy Alpha and today the company shared some details about how its new metal wrapped smartphone is made. At the beginning of construction the phone’s chassis is carved from metallic materials to form its frame, this includes making room for a battery and other components.

After it’s frame is in order, the unfinished smartphone goes through a color anodizing process with hues ranging from blue, black, silver, white and gold. Following its coloring, the Galaxy Alpha’s frame is outlined with a unique diamond-powered metal cutting tool for precision, giving the device a shiny appearance with an optimized grip. Throughout this process, the Alpha’s 4.7-inch 1,280 x 720 Super AMOLED display is installed and the device’s construction is nearly complete. Once fully assembled, the Alpha is shipped off to a quality assurance facility where it’s dropped, bent and twisted several times to test its durability.


The Samsung Galaxy Alpha will have its critics, but we’re definitely glad to see the company using premium materials for its smartphones. Hopefully this will be a trend going forward, but only time will tell.

(via Samsung)


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