RemObjects is using its experience with compilers to allow developers to use Apple’s Swift coding language for Android development. Previously, the company did something similar for C# and now the company is tackling Swift. Silver allows app makers to write in the Swift language (which is still in its infancy, really) but code against the API’s and frameworks of non-Apple platforms.

The software does not port Cocoa Touch over to Android, so it doesn’t help with write-once-run-anywhere dreams some people may have, but it does allow a development team to use just one language to write for both iOS and Android. The code compiles down natively, so there is no performance cost. Silver should help encourage smaller teams to focus on Android more quickly, as it makes the platform more accessible, using a language they already have learnt and understand.

Silver will be available as a public preview soon. You can sign up on RemObjects’ website.

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