Sling announced today that it’s updating its Slingplayer apps with the ability to stream content to a Chromecast connected TV. The service, which allows users to watch live and recorded TV shows from their TV at home using dedicated hardware, also allows streaming to mobile devices through the SlingPlayer iOS and Android apps. Following today’s update, users will now be able to send content from the SlingPlayer app to a TV connected to one of Google’s $35 Chromecast HDMI streaming sticks:

We’re ecstatic to announce that Chromecast support has arrived for Slingbox M1, 350 and SlingTV/500 customers using the Slingplayer app… When paired with the Slingplayer app, you’ll be able to watch any of your cable or satellite programming (live or recorded) on any TV that’s been set up with Chromecast. Remember, both the Chromecast device and Slingplayer-equipped mobile device must be on the same network. And when they are, you’ll be able to control your TV with a soft remote interface that shows up on your phone or tablet

The Slingplayer apps for iPhone, iPad, and Android smartphones get Chromecast support first, but the company says support for Android tablets is coming soon.

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