Despite the shaky launch of OnePlus’ first smartphone, the startup is currently working on a follow up device. During a recent Ask Me Anything on Reddit, Carl Pei, Director of OnePlus Global revealed that a OnePlus 2 was in the works and that the company is targeting a release during Q2 or Q3 in 2015. In addition to confirming plans for a new smartphone, Pei said that OnePlus is entertaining requests for a smaller device, but he didn’t get into details.

The OnePlus One’s quasi-launch took place a few months back under a controversial promotion and later opened up to an invite only purchase option. The company recently announced plans to open up a more traditional purchasing program for its new smartphone next month, but this is something seen by many as long overdue.

The OnePlus One is a fantastic smartphone and it’s definitely worthy of a sequel, however we can’t avoid its disastrous launch. Hopefully, by the time OnePlus decides to launch a second smartphone, the company will have its affairs in order and make the device available to the masses right away.

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