Samsung recently revealed plans to sell mobile devices equipped with 60GHz WiFi tech capable of data transfers of up to 575MB per second. The company didn’t provide an exact release date for products supporting this type of technology, however it did say that it would also be applied to medical equipment and home automation systems.

Samsung’s 60GHz WiFi uses the WiGig Alliance’s 802.11ad Wi-Fi standard, which has trouble penetrating walls, causing data speeds to drop. However, the South Korean electronics maker says it has a solution for this problem by using a wide-coverage beam-forming antenna capable of adjusting to changes in communication conditions in less than 1/3,000 seconds.

If and whenever this type of gear become available to the masses, it will theoretically be able to transfer a gigabyte of data from one device to another in a little under three seconds. With the big push for mobile Ultra HD content, this type of tech can’t come to smartphones and tablets soon enough.

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