We’ve already seen a rough build of Android 5.0 running on a Samsung Galaxy S5, and now the folks at SamMobile are claiming that Google’s new mobile operating system will be coming to the device sometime in December. After months of speculation and a placeholder name, Android Lollipop became official last week and the software is set to debut across multiple Nexus devices next month.

If Samsung does manage to start updating its handsets to Android 5.0 a month after its release, it’ll be a testament to how far the platform has come over the years. While most of Google’s top hardware partners update their high-end devices rather quickly, this wasn’t always the norm. In the case of non-Nexus equipment, manufacture software and carrier regulations have often slowed down the update process. If the Galaxy S5 does make the jump to Lollipop before the end of the year, it’ll most likely hit different variants of the device in stages. Nevertheless, such a fast turnaround time is definitely a sign of progress.

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