Verizon is increasing data for customers on $80 and $100 More Everything plans, the company announced today following a similar announcement from AT&T. The carrier is now offering 10GB for $80 and 15GB for $100 up from the 6GB and 10GB those tiers previously offered. Verizon notes that the deal isn’t restricted to new customers, but it is a limited time offer available through its website.

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The move from Verizon seems to be in response to a similar announcement from AT&T earlier today that the carrier will increase monthly data allotments for its $40 and $70 data plans starting early next month. AT&T’s increase sees a new 3GB of data for $40 per month plan (up from 2GB) and 6GB of date for $70 a month (up from 4GB). The offers for increased data from both carriers, however, are for a limited time. 

Verizon also announced today that it’s now offering $150 port-in credits for new customers that switch to Verizon and purchase an LTE smartphone on-contract or through its Edge upgrade program.

The increased Verizon data tiers kick in Nov. 1.

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